Process & Resolution Options

Throughout the academic term, an instructor may discover or receive information that a violation of academic integrity occurred. If the instructor determines there is sufficient information to proceed with an allegation, they must contact the Dean of Students Office to determine if the student has previously admitted or been found responsible for a prior academic integrity violation.

  • Note to Instructors: When contacting the Dean of Students Office, please call from your university provided phone or email from your UNC Charlotte email account. We are unable to release prior conduct information if you call from a non-UNC Charlotte phone number.

If the student has no prior violation for academic misconduct, the instructor can offer a settlement. When considering a settlement, the instructor should know:

  • The most severe sanction that can be given to the student through the settlement process is an "F" in the course for an undergraduate student and a ā€œUā€ in the course for a graduate student.
  • If this is a severe first offense, second or subsequent offense, the student declines an offered settlement, or a more severe penalty is deemed appropriate, the instructor must refer the case to Student Conduct & Academic Integrity and Chair of the Academic Integrity Board ( To do this, please complete the Academic Integrity Charge Form.